In ReView: Out of Egypt Series

Ideally I write a review for one singular book and separate them. I just can’t this time. This series has become family to me and after all they’ve gone through I will not separate them!


What a fatastic series. I read all three books in a week. Enraptured from page one. Counted With the Stars was a cover buy, I’ll be honest, with a backup recommendation from a friend. One thing lead to another and I am so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful story. In all my excitement I feel as though I am getting ahead of myself. If you have no idea who or what I am talking about head here to read each synopsis and snag that awesome E-Book sale!


So often we take Bible stories and verses for granted. Forget how magnificent they are, the amazingness of them. If we were stripped of technology and everything that has desensitized us, what would these things look and feel like? The Plagues, forty years wandering in a desert, water from a rock, and manna from Heaven. HEAVEN! You guys, these tiny verses pack such a punch. Stop and think. See?! It’s truly AWESOME. These books elaborate on those things and help you to see them and ponder them. And I was fascinated. I fell in love with the characters. I loved watching their lives unfold. Watched them open their hearts to Yaweh. I cried. I laughed. I wanted to kick a character right in the shins! What reactions were pulled from my body! I could not help myself. I found myself thinking of God and His miracles, His mercy and love. I saw myself as the outsider that was forgiven; a Gentile. My heart opened and God ministered. What a truly great series. Thank you so much Connilyn for that ministry. May God truly bless you!



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