In ReView: Firstborn


If you’ve read The Progeny you know the cliffhanger we were left on! If you haven’t, grab it here and snag Firstborn too. There is some AMAZING swag for release week. Learn more about that here.


I chose to re read The Progeny before starting Firstborn. However, I am a die hard fan and not everyone is a re-reader.  I loved going back and visiting all of the characters and the scenery. Sometimes it’s difficult to dive into a sequel without a little memory jump start. Have no fear! Tosca has taken care of you and masterfully wove in all the reminders you would need. Managed to do so without irritating me, boring me, or being repetitive. I love how amazing she is at this thing called being an author. I don’t know how she does it. But I digress…


I absolutely loved this book. The character development is fantastic. Easy to envision. Beautiful setting. Sigh… Running all over Europe? Even if I was running for my life like Audra I am pretty sure I would still enjoy myself!  Specially in those pretty dresses!!

Just enough angst to be balanced and not mellow dramatic and irritating. Tosca has done a fabulous job making this a good book for many ages. I have been and always will be a fan. The woman is an absolute poet and weaver of words. Imagery, action, love, humor, this book has it all. Make sure you get your hands on a copy!


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