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Anyone else relate? “Read more, hit your challenge, review this book, figure out the hype,” and on and on it goes. My brain is the worst. I get super excited and overload my library with all kind of treats and then I’m overwhelmed, slumping, or no longer interested.



So far, the best answer I have found is chatting it up with my fellow community of book obsessed people. Instagram has been bittersweet for me. They cause as many problems as they fix! The friends I have made are worth all the temptations though.

Recently I have been getting really amped up and excited for a giveaway I am hoping to start soon! I have been shopping and discovering new shops, ordering all sorts of things. Are you excited? I am! If/when I hit that magical 1,000 number of friends/followers I will start it up.


Last I left you I promised to write more and I just abandoned you to silence yet again. I will state the usual excuse of being busy but I will expound on my business a bit more. I have been really sinking into reviewing, more so than before. I absolutely ADORE street teams and I have been pestering authors to get on those, as well as promoting Indie authors. I was honored to be chosen as a rep for  Live the Cozy Life, Book Lovers Coffee, and Blaze Publishing. All of this has left me taking so many pictures and posting much more often and chatting up some amazing people. I absolutely love it.

So, there’s a quick little update on me. The short story. I will be getting out reviews for several books including, Life After, Firstborn, Updrift, and more! Thanks for hanging in there with me. Come chat me up on my social media accounts! Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.



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