New Year and What I’ve Learned

Hey Friends!

I’ve been a horrible friend haven’t I? I haven’t written to you much. I have been blasting out books on my Instagram account: Here. I’ve been posting up my reviews all over buying sites but I haven’t been blogging. That makes me sad!

Well, it’s a new year and of course I have fresh goals. Don’t you? I’ve learned so much about myself and the book industry this year. I’ve made friends I never expected to make, read books I expected to like and didn’t and vice versa. I’ve also discovered things about myself. Reviewing is more difficult than I expected and I think I will move towards getting into marketing and publication rather than editing. I just don’t have the brain it takes to really dig in and find what needs editing. I have discovered a fierce love of Author Street Teams and have been so blessed to meet these amazing and talented authors. As well as really promote a book I love.

I went ahead and set a Goodreads challenge for myself. -Meet up with me here. I think 100 is stretching it a bit but I am still going to try! So far I am right on target. Not bad considering we are a full two weeks into January. Hahahaha!

I will be much more active this year. Baby girl is one now and I find I have more time and brain power to hop on and say hello. Come hang out with me on instagram and goodreads ok? Thanks for dropping by.


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