Keep Holding On: in ReView

I’m not always a huge fan of the romance genre. I tend to be pretty picky about it. I don’t know why, other than I tend to find myself wishing for more romance in my life and it just doesn’t always work out. Maybe because in most books it’s so far and above everyday possibilities. But oh my gosh! *swoon* Melissa Tagg knows just what I want and knows how to write it.


I was recently given an opportunity to read Keep Holding On and I took it. I started The Walker Family Series back in April and have been a fan ever since. Tag’s newest is another great addition to their stories. There’s humor, wit, challenges conquered, romance in just the right amount. The romance is achievable and real. It’s the steady kind that transforms. The kind I can reach for. The characters are relatable and true. They grow in the face of challenges. I have fallen for them all. I love their voices, the characters they are. I can’t wait to see more books from Tagg. I will be buying them without hesitation and recommending wherever I can! If you like a sweet romance, with real challenges and growth for the characters this is a book for you. If you tend to roll your eyes at the cheesy and predictability a romance you should give this book a shot. Because it’s not going to make you roll your eyes, even if you wanted too! You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing and cheering them on.


*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am under no obligation and my words are my own*


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