The Super Mom Myth: A Must Read in ReView



I can not begin to fully express how encouraged I was by this book. The author is so candid and witty I was delighted and had no problem holding my attention. Honestly, I was sucked into this book just like a good fiction. I couldn’t wait to finish and put the whole puzzle together and use it in my life. I never once felt like Becky was talking down to me, or thought I was stupid or weak minded. As a mother I do fall victim to many mental battles and snares. I love how the book is set up, in that I can go to the chapter for my struggle and right up front there’s a list of versus to look up and memorize. I never got bogged down or overwhelmed with information and tips. Short and straight to the heart, I find I can remember the book easier and find it to be more helpful that way. Before I even finished reading I found myself recommending this book to all my friends. I hope everyone finds it as helpful and refreshing as I did!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for review. I am however under no obligation to read or review, and my words are my own*


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