The Sword and the Song: ReView

The Sword and the Song by C. E. Laureano was fantastic! It’s just the sort of book I enjoy sinking into. Filled with magic and mystery and plenty of bad guys to defeat.


It’s usually easier to find this style of book in the secular/general market. I was excited to find one in the Christian market. I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed! It would be easy to be cliche or boring. Let’s face it,  a lot of things on the Christian market are. I am sad to say. I love the recent influx of good reliable reading material that is on the not so cheesy and predictable side. So if you’re looking for magic, war, romance, and myth, minus gore, sex and language, this is the book for you!


As I said, most books these days have a fairly predictable expectations list going. I enjoyed a little surprise when certain events didn’t happen. For example; having a heroine be the main savior of a story is fairly ‘in’ right now. To be honest I get a little tired of it. For a nice change the genders did equal amounts of helping and saving. Another cliche a few of us may be tired of is the love triangle. Once again the story played fair and there was no twisted and torn triangle business. I hate not knowing who to root for and I wasn’t forced to choose anything for the female protagonist. I wasn’t left feeling cheated or unsure.


The general atmosphere is very celtic. I had no problems picturing the scenery or the characters and their setting. You can attribute that to the writing being well done, or the fact that I know what to imagine. The writing being done well, attributes to the readers ability to take something they already know and apply it to the story.


This book would be a good read for a big span of ages as well as genres. I’ll be recommending it a lot! I am definitely impressed and excited to read more from C.E. Laureano. I can’t wait to discover what happens in the next installment. I wasn’t left dangling to much, but just enough to stay excited.


I will say there was was small downside and that is I kept thinking I was on the second book, or that I had missed an important detail somewhere. That could be the writing or the simple fact that maybe I did start in the middle of something. To be honest I haven’t looked into it. You could argue that’s what kept me reading, and I would agree. It may have also been that I am not as familiar with the era and magical creatures mentioned in the book. No matter the cause I would deduct a star or anything. Still a great book and a talented author.

*I was given a free copy of this book for review. I am under no obligation to read or review and my words are my own*


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