The Choosing : Review

This is a tough review to write. Rachelle Dekker chose to use a name that invites you to a certain feeling, expectation and world. It’s difficult to leave your bias at the door. You are left to wonder if that’s how she wanted you to feel. I went into The Choosing struggling a bit. Will she have her own unique voice? Why not choose a pen name? All these questions flying through my head, tripping me up. Several of my friends discussed it with me. Opinions and preferences differed.


Finally I jumped in. Doing my best to leave my thoughts behind me. I had a rough start of it, I will admit. The writing seemed halting and it took effort to dive in. Is this me? Is it the writing, or even something as small as the tense it’s written in? Ignoring all my quandaries, I continued to read. Finally about half way through I was hooked. I now realize I was hooked by the potential of the story, rather than the reality of what I eventually read. The ability to predict outcomes is something I can never do, yet I found my guesses coming true on the page.  There were also  a few curves, I found interesting, so it’s not all easy reading. In fact, once the story started flowing and more was understood, I became very angry at the direction the villain was moving. As well as cheering and smiling for the good guys. For that I am glad and further encouraged that there is more to Rachelle than just one good book.


Let’s talk characters. Rachelle did a rather good job in that department. I found myself eventually rooting for Carrington -the main character- and a few others. I would struggle with them, feel the connections and the hope or be rocked with confusion and despair. While not heavily invested in the story I was interested in the people. That combined with a stronger or more riveting story line and I would be raving! As it stands I am just recommending to a certain audience. The Choosing is a book with a mission to make a point, and it’s a good point! There is an audience that needs to hear this message. People who struggle with their worth in life or their identity would greatly benefit.


Though I would describe this book as good, I can also say that I am excited to see what is done in the next book. I hope she doesn’t hold back or use caution. The point could have been made just as well had there been a riveting story. Rachelle does have her own voice. If that is a concern for you, you can let that one go. If you don’t want a book that keeps you up all night, biting your nails, then chances are good you would enjoy this one!  I do want to see more from Rachelle Dekker. I am excited for the opportunity to watch her story bloom. I think she has what it takes.


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