At the Mercy of Words

Seriously, I am wrecked.


Lately I find myself reaching for a novel rather than a series. One book, a few hundred pages and you can walk away. A series however takes much more from you. There are requirements for a series. Promises I can’t always keep.

However, occasionally you just get taken for a ride, even if you didn’t mean to. My friends, that is happening to me. I stumbled into a series, one that isn’t even fully published yet! Oh, the horror! What will I do? I have made a beautiful mistake.


I, like so many, have started reading The Lunar Chronicles. I have no regrets. It’s fabulous. I haven’t been so enraptured in quite some time. I love the thrill of finding a new to me author, and a new story.

I am not writing an all out review here, but I am adding my voice to the others raving over this series. If you’re curious check out some samples. Cinder is 2.99$ right now, which is why I took the plunge! If you end up reading them, come back and let me know what you thought!


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