I Walked Away from a Book

You’re here, so I am pretty sure you know how much I love books. I blogged recently about how many books I had to read and review and all the things on my to do list. It all added up to be quite overwhelming at the time. Nevertheless I pushed through and loved the feeling of accomplishment from getting through it all. I was celebrating and taking a little break from the rush- also admittedly getting sidetracked with some curiosity over a few new books I had heard about. I was in the throes of complete book love. My voracious appetite could not be quenched, and I could not have cared less. I just wanted more, as much as I could. However, to be smart, I checked the schedule and was surprised at how little time I had before the next review deadline. I figured it wouldn’t be an issue, I had just read through 4 books in a week, why would one book take longer than a week?


I tidied up the house from my recent book binge, in preparation for the next one. I am after all a grown up – so they tell me- and I have to act like it!


Fast forward through life and you find me 28 pages in. Those 28 pages took me 3 days to get through. I have no desire to finish the book at all and I have lost my zeal for reading in general. I can make all the excuses and state all the reasons, but the result is the same. I have decided not to finish the book. This is only the second book in my life I have walked away from. This is not an easy choice for me. I made the mistake of requesting something in a genre I have no heart for. I firmly believe that authors deserve more respect than a careless walk away. I also know that if someone had no interest in my work then I would not force it on them. All of this has lead me to think of all the people I meet who are not really into books. I think those people have a hard time understanding me and how I can read so much and love it.


If you can’t find a love for books I would encourage you to keep trying new authors and genres. What you want is out there. It’s a vast world and you can find whatever you enjoy. I know I have and I am going to stick to it, even if it takes longer than I would like to build my review foundation.


For those of you who read often, how do you choose what to walk away from and what to push through the finish with?


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