Making the Choice

I am so new to this world of blogging and reviewing. It’s taking so much more than I expected it to. I don’t make decisions well and I just get so overwhelmed by my options! There is a lot out there, it’s hard to wade through and choose. When I do go for it, it’s not always available to me.


It’s not as if I can just walk into a book store and take whatever I want. I can’t be sure that would even be any easier! So you see, you and I both have the same problem. We have to make the choice. What are we going to fill our minds with? What factors come into play for you? Moral code, action and adventure, romance, suspense or humor?

photo (7)-2

I want to know how you make the choice. The beautiful cover maybe? Or maybe you read the last page -Oh! the horror!-  Whatever your process is, I am willing to bet you have one. Would you be willing to share it with me? So often I get locked up in my own mind. It starts to feel lonely and I think sharing with others who have the same passion but a different path would be helpful. I want to connect with you and I thought this would be a good start! Who knows, maybe you can help me narrow my selections down, or find a new adventure!  Thanks for your thoughts!


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