At The Water’s Edge: Review

Had I realized that this was the author of Water for Elephants I would have read it sooner! I’m not sure how I missed it, as it’s right on the cover. Oh well, eh?


Sarah Gruen has a gentleness about her writing that I find it quite soothing. I had no problems following the characters or the plot. With that gentleness of voice comes a slower paced book. I have complained about this in the past, however with this book there is enough going on that it held my curiosity. You may read a review stating there was actually too much going on and I would disagree. It lends itself to a mystery capable of holding your attention quite well!

Having a fondness for historical fiction I quite enjoyed the era this is set in. I liked the point of view it is from as well.  If you don’t already know I will tell you it’s set in World War II and from the view point of an upperclass woman. I would most likely categorize it as a romance, however the love that is at play is not the main story line! There’s is some magical intrigue going on as well. Being set in Ireland I am sure you can imagine the kind of folklore you will find.  Overall I am glad I had the opportunity to read At the Water’s Edge, I quite enjoyed it! You can preorder the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It’s set to release the end of March.

Just a heads up, there is mild language as well as a couple love scenes. PG-13 in my opinion.

*I was given a copy of this book, however I read and review it of my own free will, under no obligation. The thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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