Music Is a Cure


I am continually amazed at music. What it can do for a soul, a wondering, weary mind. I have a strong feeling that it has a lot to do with the words. I will admit you have to be attracted to the sound to give the heart a listen. There are a lot of times the lyrics make no sense, however they resonate somewhere deep within. Why? Magic. That’s my answer and I am sticking to it!


Music evokes a feeling. It can take you back or push you forward. Helps you think or even stop thinking. The nostalgia rushes through you and gives you goosebumps. Or maybe not, maybe you jump on the bed, sing, scream it out, or just stand still, eyes uplifted and absorb it.  I don’t know what your method is, I just know that it works.


Tonight I find myself overwhelmed, frustrated and lost. I am not a planner, I am a moment to moment person. Recently however I have tried to balance out what is me, with what needs to become a part of me. I need to plan better and organize. Seems simple but it goes against everything in me. I tend to go all or nothing. In my haste for change I have given it all I have. Admirable maybe, seemingly on the outside. I feel like a water ballon just before it pops. Full of good intentions and plans that are just going to make a mess. Lord help me! Guide and steady me, because I can not do this on my own.


Tonight I was granted the gift of music. Music has the power to heal the soul. It’s like a novella.  Music paints a story in four minutes or less. Is it any wonder my love extends to music? I am not surprised in the least. Whatever your genre, whatever your method of purging the stress you go for, music is faithful to do its part. Dependable and reliable. Ever the faithful friend and confidant. No matter how we use it. It functions as a detox,  background noise, revelation or memories, to help you think or drowned out  the noise clamoring in your head. I hope that each of you reading has discovered the relief of music to your heart!



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