Review of Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels

Wow, just wow. I decided to read a book just for pleasure and I must say I was not disappointed in my choice. Tonight I am talking about Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels.


This book has been on my wish list for quite some time. I managed to snag it after my birthday for a great price. I am telling you now it’s worth so much more than I paid. It’s perfectly balanced between suspense and  humor. No, make that wit. The author has a rare talent. I don’t find comedy very often, when I do I hold tight and share with everyone. I will confess I was trepidatious about reading this book. I will be honest and give you a heads up, there is talk of demons and dealing with that side of spiritual warfare. I by no means like a horror story, I was not even remotely interested in a book that would make spiritual warfare seem glamour. Fully prepared to possibly put this book down, I read with caution and yes fear. That simply is not an area I want to mess with or support. I am so blessed to be able to say this book doe not glamorize those things. It combats them with truth of scripture. It’s an incredible story of redemption and grace. Scripture throughout as well, which I found well place and in context.  I was not bored for a minute. Nor was I terrified to go to sleep. Zachary Bartels paints a very clear and vivid picture of God’s grace and strength.  A Picture of God’s strength is a key piece of the puzzle I often find lacking within books of this nature. I was pleasantly surprised to feel empowered rather than scared.  Playing Saint has well exceeded my expectations and renewed my love of great books! I will be raving about this one for awhile. Perfectly balanced.

“A thought-provoking exploration into the power of faith and the reality of evil. Filled with memorable characters and tight writing, Playing Saint is an impressive debut from an author to watch.” —Steven James

I should have just left the review at that, because I doubt I said it better than that!

Find it here and here


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