Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke Review

My first adventures into Christian Fiction began with a Janette Oke book. I was quickly hooked. Eventually I went onto read other authors and genres, finding my favorites eventually. I remember thinking I would start my own daughter off with the same books. Keeping that in mind, as I started reading books for review I stumbled across Where Trust Lies, Immediately requesting approval to read it. Filled with hope and nostalgia I awaited confirmation of a copy.


I pretty much knew what I would be getting and I was comfortable with it. My first thoughts were that it is a much slower pace than books I am used too, being a suspense enthusiast. I had to keep reminding myself I wanted this and to stop looking for mystery around every corner. I felt a touch let down as nothing ever seemed to happen. The book describes a family and their life during a cruise vacation. There is of course a gentle romance written throughout. I found myself wondering what I had loved all those years back. The book is appropriate and safe. Full of Scripture as well as a heavy dose of naiveté and optimism. I realize now that that’s what I fell in love with as a teen, why I was allowed and encouraged to read them. Janette Oke has had a part in forming a lot of my reading likes and dislikes. There has to be a good reason for it, I waited not so patiently to be reminded.  Fifty pages from the end I found my mystery! I can not tell you how excited I was. The little “Ah ha!” I went through, knowing I was right in my theories and thoughts.  The book came to a close and I found myself happy I read it.  It may be slower than I am used to, but it has no less heart than any other book I read. I would happily recommend it to someone I know looking for this style of book.

“Bestselling author Janette Oke is celebrated for her significant contribution to the Christian book industry. Her novels have sold more than 30 million copies.”

There is a very good reason Jannette Oke has done so well. Her books are founded on the truth of Scripture and on the hope we all share. Even if most people won’t admit to it. She continues to enlarge the Thatcher family, a family I grew up getting to know. Watching their fictional family tree grow is a welcome sight. Makes it easy to read and love her books. It has a coming home feel for me and I am sure it would do the same for you!

*I received a free copy of this book, however I am under no obligation to read or review and do so of my own free will*



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