The Tortoise and the Hare

Alright few followers! I bet you have just been dying to know what I am up to, haven’t you? I thought so. I must confess this to you, here and now, the holidays wore me out. Just one thing after another! I tell you what, I had big plans and resolutions. I still have them, I am just coming to a realization that slow and steady is the key. Know what I mean?


I have been so blessed to have the support and opportunity to review books, start this blog, and learn to be a writer!  I am usually an all or nothing person, it just requires a decent break and recharge after I go full crazy on a project.

This month I had a book all picked out I just knew I was going to thoroughly love. Turns out I was wrong, rare I know. Tuck that shock away and hear me out now. I make rules about how I will read sometimes. Can any of you relate? In your hobbies and goals. ” I will do this and I will do it this way” kind of thing.

So, despite my irritation I was determined to get through this book and at least like it. Well, I went and got all interested in another book and blew through it like it was the only book on the planet! Oopsie? I will say I am so glad I did! Because I am feeling recharged and ready to take on my challenges!


Let me just list them out for you, as I am aware you have the need to know!

I have recently downloaded a program to help with my writing. It holds all my research -note to self get busy on that!- and will help me get organized! Organization is so not my strong suit.

I have four books uploaded on my nook for my net galley account. Getting more of these books helps me climb the ladder to read some really great authors and gets my name out there for my other goals.  I am also awaiting a book from Bourbour publishing to read and review. That’s five book guys! Added to all the books over the holidays and my birthday I have purchased and cry my name.

I have recently snagged a domain name and I will be working on the web design for that. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this! I will be able to keep all my links to reviews and the blog link on there and all kinds of goodies I haven’t even thought of!


It may not seem like much here typed up but it has my mind whirling around. I am laying the foundation to achieve some long awaited dreams and I just want it to be perfect! I feel as if I am on the edge of a cliff about to jump off and fly. It’s exhilarating and terrifying. The perfect fit for an adrenaline junky and a mystery lover.  If I could make this all my job I would. I want to and that’s the plan. For now, however, I have four kids to raise and school, I have a husband who likes it when I actually cook for him and clean the house. I can’t imagine why, can you? Ha! All these other things I have plans to do and things I love, have to be wedged in around all my God given priorities. I am realizing that doesn’t mean I love my hobbies any less, or have any less drive to do them. It’s a sign of patience and maturity. When I complain, remind me of these words. I believe them. Slow and steady is the key.


5 thoughts on “The Tortoise and the Hare

  1. I do feel pretty mature when I go back and finish something I started… awhile ago. And there is so much to glean from the slow readers, if you can buckle down and do it! For book devourers it can be a bit of a task, but think of it as self-improvement.
    As far as prioritizing and hobbies, I would say you are right on track. What a good time to get the creative juices flowing and prepare yourself for the future. Setting your hobbies aside completely would snuff them out, but I like the idea of squeezing them into the cracks between God, family and home. They color your life! And they will grow right along with you.

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