Driven by the Numbers.

I am procrastinating, I know it and I admit it.


When I decided to do this, I figured it would be kind of easy to devise a simple idea, and at least write out a basic and sturdy plot.


Having read a thousand books -probably more- I think I thought it would be straight path. Not to say I thought writing was easy, just that I knew enough to have the basics down. I was so wrong. I apologize profusely to all writers. I was an idiot. This will not surprise most of my readers. -Ha, beat you to it.-


I have however, surprised myself, and I am quite close to the finish line. I am on target, -today anyways- and I think I will be able to finish. Two days ago I thought I would finish strong. HA! Wrong again! This final week I am taking stock of what I have so far. I am no longer feeling strong. There are weak points, things that need to be written that I just don’t have the answers for yet. I look all around me for inspiration, but I only have so much time left. I find I am loosing steam.


I noticed that I am driven by my word count. Day after day, it’s the only tangible reminder that I am moving forward. That all this time is not wasted. Rather than inspiration pushing me it’s the count. The numbers can be honest and brutal, in a way a person might not.

I am stubborn, and I need to be right now. I will finish. I am thankful to watch the numbers going up. This has been a much different adventure than expected. I am so thankful to my friends and family who have listened and encouraged. I can not do this without you! Thank you for being there through the confusion and the ups and downs. I am wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

*330 word post By the way*



4 thoughts on “Driven by the Numbers.

  1. You are right on the money…er words. 😉 I’m finding that I start strong but the middle is always the hardest part, the flat part of the journey that never seems to end. You can’t stop because you’re too far but the end is nowhere in sight. This is how I feel when I run races. It’s a terrible feeling because doubt is shouting loudly in my ear. Drowning out the still small voice of the One who believes in me; created me; and the One in whom I can do all things if I put my trust in Him. He’s our biggest cheerleader but he’s not the only one! I’m cheering for you to cross that finish line! You can do it!! One word at a time. 🙂


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