Halfway Through

I made a commitment, and I am sticking to it. I will write a novel. I will finish my challenge, or at the least know I gave it my all.  I am frustrated, spent, annoyed, upset, surprised, and overwhelmed. Sounds like a picnic, doesn’t it? I will tell you I am also, fascinated, in love, inspired, obsessed, excited, and I am not going to quit!


Thanks to all my supporters, I have pushed through some serious doubts. I still struggle with the lack of confidence, daily actually, and daily everyone is right there to say, “You can do this!” That is vital to me. I am a person of words -No surprise eh?- and encouragements or negativity, can really make or break me.


I am so amazed to find out all I have learned about writing. I used to sit and enjoy books like its nothing, and now I have this whole other appreciation for what goes into them. That point of view was a lot of the reason I dove into this challenge.

IMG_1509 2

Someone mentioned to me they didn’t understand what the point was, while I had many reasons personally, it still stands that there is no obvious reward for an adventure like the one I am on. Notice I said obvious, because there are rewards, just not the kind you can always set on a shelf! It is a long process, full of very hard work.


When all is said and done I won’t even have anything published! So, whats the point really? For me, it was always about personal growth. It was never about rewards or acclamations, not the visible ones anyways. I have learned so much and grown in so many ways! I just can’t believe it, it has been so much more than I expected or even hoped!


All of you who write, no matter how much or how little, are amazing. Please don’t ever stop. To all my supporters, I thank you! Know that I couldn’t do it without you. I challenge anyone reading this to have personal goals, and to work at achieving them, it’s beyond worth it.


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