NaNoWriMo Invades My Life

Ok guys, writing is hard. I have been dubbed a fly by the seat of your pants writer, and it’s horribly true. Insanely true, and it is making for some tough work for me and a lot of run around and re writing. Mentally or otherwise. What in the world have I gotten myself into?!


You know I started this whole thing knowing I wouldn’t make it. I’ll tell you what though, I want to! I still have the same view that I won’t finish, in fact it’s more solid now than when I started! However, I also want it more now then I did last month.  I just didn’t realize everything that happens to your brain when you take on something like this! My brain is just flooded with all of the directions I could go.  What a tangled mess! Most of it doesn’t pan out at all and I really struggle remembering what I just wrote. I have to go back and look so I am not contradicting myself.


^Me, talking to my crazy brain.

In fact I had five scenes written, FIVE people. I went back because I wasn’t feeling it at all, and did a rewrite.  I found out after that that is a no no! So I now have one decent chapter, but I sacrificed my word count for it, unless I can edit what I wrote previously to work with what I have now. Either way I am way behind and really all over the place!  -just like this crazy meme-


I will tell you a secret, I am having fun. That’s right!! FUN. What I am going through, is the whole reason I signed up for this craziness. Call me sick and twisted, and maybe you are right!  I am writing a revenge novel -at least I am trying to!- so I am sure you aren’t to far off in your assessment. I would wager you love a crazy challenge too.  I appreciate you going on the journey with me. I think we are in for some laughs, some hair pulling and a lot of coffee and chocolate! I am trying to keep the mindset that its just a rough draft and doesn’t need to be epic or publishable, or even great. That way I should still maintain a little fun, at least in hindsight I hope to call it that.  I am thinking of having a challenge for us by the end of the week. Check back soon!


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