Day In and Day Out

Hello my faithful followers! It has been awhile hasn’t it? I’ll tell you the truth, I got stuck. I got dragged into the ebb and flow of the daily. I went crazy with my idea of participating in the NaNoWriMo and the give away. I loved it. Truly I did! It’s just a lot to take on. I was overwhelmed with all of the books I have to review, keeping up with my lovely children, school and housework.


They don’t amount to much on paper but let me tell you, those waves are huge. I am an all or nothing kind of person.  I can tell you, that isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sure its fun, when you’re all in, but when you’re drained and not interested in anything, its no fun at all. Because you see I want to be interested, invested and involved, it’s just that there’s nothing to push the want into doing. When that happens I hide. All of those things I want to do and don’t do make me feel guilty and lame.


I haven’t read a book in a good three weeks! That kills me. The worst part is all those things that overwhelm me also fill me up with energy. It’s a self control and balance issue if I am honest. Being that honest is tough. As a Christian I know that self control glorifies God. I also know He created me just the way I am. Knowing I would go through this and as I walk through it I learn to lean on Him. In my weakness, His strengths are shown in me, and that my friends is a good thing!


This past weekend was such a blessing and a recharge for my family and I! We escaped to the coast for a day of play and good seafood. Monday was spent on responsibilities that had been weighing us down. Now I look up and there’s no fog or weight.  I am still tired. The kids like to wake me up and see what I can handle without breaking. I can sense though that I am ready to be in the game again. Maybe not quite as all in, I am trying to learn some lessons here! I hope you’ll stick with me and we can learn and grow together. After all, we are bound by our commonalities, I think we can help each other out.  What do you do for a recharge?



5 thoughts on “Day In and Day Out

  1. At first in describing yourself you sound manic. I’m glad you went on and described your life in Christ! You are a good writer I don’t think you should worry at all about the competition! Love you


  2. Wow! Praise the Lord for a day or rest and fun for you and the family!! I think on the Sabbath so often, why do we take it so lightly? Why do we not follow that command as we do others? My family and I celebrated Sabbath in a very serious way, before we moved from Atlanta back home to KY. Maybe it was easier for us there, with no family or commitments really. Now that we’re back home, days are FILLED with visits and chores, and while I had Avery in Atlanta, she’s no longer a baby but a toddler, demanding and curious and always on the move.
    I think God knows of the changes, hilltops and valleys, that life throws at us, and He gave us a day to rest and recharge. Maybe we should all take that a little more seriously and see just how it improves our souls from the inside visible on the out!!
    Praying for you!!!


  3. Hullo always late with sum thing to say. I could say a million things ,but mi confidence in the lord and your running track record shows me your rite where your supposed to be a loving caring mom always searching for a better way but your doing great, never be complacent or it’ll all pass u by, also no when to be content in your life, so u can reflect and enjoy your efforts, or you mite miss the joy . Speaking from experience


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