A Challenge is Born

Since starting and promoting my blog, I have had the honor of being told I inspired two people to partake onthe adventures available at their fingertips.                                                                                                                     a_new_adventure I was talking to one of these people and was told the book I recommended was “Easier to read diction wise, and easy to follow.” I thought to myself, “Wow, someone else who appreciates not just the story, but the way in which its formed.” I know there must be other readers who do that, but to hear it from someone was something new for me. Flash forward a few hours later and I am reading How to Prepare for NaNoWriMo and bumped into my own inspiration!


I have decided to do some behind the scenes work next month, in an attempt to participate in the event.  I am not ashamed to admit that I find my decision very daunting! The whole concept is overwhelming to me. I don’t find writing to be my strong suit -ironic I know- I prefer to critique. I have a feeling that my critical habits will hamper my attempt to just let words fly to turn into a story. I won’t let that stop me.


I want to partake in the frenzy, to feel the rush the writers feel, anguish over just the right word. I need to feel that rush of completing a work of well chosen words. Now, I may not be able to accomplish those goals. In fact, I am almost sure I will fail at the attempt. Achieving those goals aren’t the only reason why I am going on this adventure. I am doing this so that I can understand the process and the effort it takes to write.


As I am sure you’re aware, if you have read even one of my posts, or know me at all, I am a bookworm. I just can’t get enough! I thrive on the words I read. Even more than that, I can appreciate all the work that’s put into the books I read. I think it’s important to know the how and the why behind it all.


Taking part in this challenge will keep me from taking books or authors for granted and allow me to understand them better. To become a better reader and editor. At least that’s my hope behind the effort. You may think to yourself that I am making a bigger deal out of this than should be made. Well that’s just me! If you take a peek into an authors world, you would know it’s a big deal to them too! This should be fun! This month I will be watching Emilie’s blog and preparing to let my fingers fly in November!

Enter my giveaway here and help me prepare for this amazing challenge!

*Giveaway has ended*


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