Driving Passion

What is the one thing you enjoy doing, that you can not wait to get back to?  What’s the passion you have, that feels like the air you breathe? What is the one thing you use to reward yourself? Beyond the temporal, past the short lived. Something you do that doesn’t heap guilt upon your head like a two ton brick?

For me, that passion, drive and yes absolute NEED, is reading. Books. The written word! I will take it in any form I can get my hands on.  E-Reader, hardback, folded up paper back, used or new, old and proven or new and unique.


What’s that you say? You can’t stand reading, its not for you, a total waste of time. I challenge you then to tell me your passion. Travel, cooking, care taking, crafting, animals, faith, marriage, comedy. Whatever it is can be found in a book! Words are beauty. Great words are life! They heal the soul! This is the beauty I am drawn to. The use of my mind. The ability to go, and be, and do, without leaving the cafe, or your own comfortable couch. These words, these simple books, change me, grow me and influence me. One must be careful in the picking of such delicate influences. However the vast array of choices and options makes that a simple and easy task. I challenge you here and now, to go, find a book andgive yourself over to the story. Get swept away! And if you simply can’t, well then I hope that you find that one thing. That thing you can pursue for the pure simple enjoyment of it! When you find it, please let me know.


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