A Dangerous Year: In ReView

Espionage meets high school angst in A Dangerous Year by Kes Trester. 

As the daughter of an American ambassador, seventeen-year-old Riley Collins has grown up in some of the world’s most dangerous cities.

She may have learned the art of politics from her dad, but it’s the lessons in survival taught by his security chief that she’s taken to heart.

When Riley is caught up in a violent incident, the State Department steps in, offering an all-expense paid senior year at Harrington Academy, one of the most elite boarding schools in Connecticut. The catch: she must use her tactical skills to keep her eye on heiress Hayden Frasier, the daughter of a tech billionaire intent on changing the world.

Immersed in American materialism and social media for the first time, it’s culture shock for Riley. Hayden resents her new roommate, and Riley learns nothing is ever private when there’s a cellphone around. She discovers allies in Von Alder, the cute class flirt; Sam Hudson, whose status as Hayden’s ex-boyfriend puts him on the forbidden list; and Captain Grace Taylor, Harrington’s tough new head of security, and the only one who knows Riley’s true purpose at Harrington.

Disturbing signs begin to appear that Riley’s assignment wasn’t the walk in the park she’d been promised. She learns the death of Hayden’s former roommate might not have been an accident after all, and she spars with classmate Quinn, whose attempts at social sabotage causes Riley to take drastic measures.

As Riley’s relationship with Hayden thaws into her first opportunity at true friendship, the danger around her roommate heats up. Riley must fight for her life and Hayden’s – and the security of a nation – as those around her reveal themselves to be true friends, or the ultimate betrayers.




 I had so much fun reading this book! Riley is immediately likable and I enjoyed meeting the rest of her eventual friends. Her tight knit family, and thus Riley’s, sense of humor is hilarious.

While you may give this one a skeptical eye I would encourage you to give it a shot. It’s well done and a fast read. I honestly wasn’t sure Trester could tie it up in time. But the was, in fact, in a neat little bow at the end. At least until that little sentence at the end ensuring the sequel as well as a piqued curiosity.



Likable characters, easy to follow plot, a few plot twist, and we have a winner folks. Perfect weekend read in between some of those heavier reads I tend to be into. Easily a 4 star and highly recommendable. 

Thanks so much Booksparks!

*I was gifted a copy of this book. My words are my own. *